Kathryn Baker

Associate Broker

Hi. I'm Kathryn

Perhaps you are considering business ownership as a way to replace your corporate position or add a side hustle to a job you still have. Maybe you've enjoyed the work/life balance you've had working from home, but you're being called back to the office. Or maybe you are looking to start a business in the U.S. as a way to establish residence here through the E2 visa program.

I've walked those paths before and can help guide you along the way to fulfill your financial and lifestyle goals through small business ownership.

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My passion has always been empowering individuals to achieve their goals and dreams, and I've been privileged to have the last 25+ years doing just that.

I became a franchise broker with the Franchise Brokers Association in 2015 and have guided both seasoned entrepreneurs and first-time business owners in evaluating and investing in a variety of franchise and business opportunities. In my first full year as a broker, I was honored to receive the Rookie of the Year Award, and then a few years later, the Broker of the Year and coveted Visionary of the Year awards as well.

In addition to my role as a franchise broker, I have owned and operated a variety of small businesses, including two successful franchises - a facilities management company and a Harley-Davidson rental franchise on the island of Cozumel, Mexico.

Consequently, I know what it takes to take that leap of faith and believe in the system - and yourself - enough to become a franchise owner.

Earlier in my career, I worked with a large global outplacement firm and supported thousands of individuals after they had been laid off from their corporate positions. I specialized in teaching people how to become business owners as an alternative to finding another corporate job.

If you think business ownership could be a pathway for you to achieve success on your own terms, I would love to speak with you to explore the possibilities.

Let's Begin a Conversation.

I'd love to connect with you to talk about your dream of business ownership and how we can work together to make it a reality. We have a great team here at Quantum Franchise Group, and if after reading my profile you feel a connection and would like to work together, I can't wait to learn more about you.

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