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We believe that world-changing work is done not by a single person, but by great teams of like-minded people, and it's only with a great team that we can change the lives of thousands of people across the United States by making the dream of business ownership a reality.

We're Looking For Two Types of People

The Achiever

A tenacious business builder, never satisfied until they dominate the market. Motivated by accomplishment, they have a goal-oriented lifestyle and a deep commitment to success. Results, respect and control define success for the Achiever. They prefer unique, scalable, quality service and business-to-business or solution-oriented concepts.

The Societal

A visionary business builder committed to edify, inspire and change the world. Motivated to have an impact on others using their expertise, experience and education. Contribution and freedom defines success for the Societal. They prefer innovative, change, or cause-based concepts that promote others' growth and success.

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Become a Franchise Development Agent

The International Franchise Association estimated that franchises would open 15,000 locations, add 254,000 jobs, and contribute $860 billion to the U.S. economy in 2023. Every day men, women, and families become business owners by opening a local franchise location.

What You'll Do:

As an Independent Franchise Development Agent with Quantum Franchise Group you will be in the business of helping others make the dream of business ownership a reality. You'll do so by connecting with aspiring business owners who have an interest in business ownership but don't know where to begin and how to navigate the process of being awarded a franchise. Your work with your clients will begin with discovery and pre-qualification, and conclude when your candidate is awarded their franchise. You'll be their expert, coach, advocate, and biggest fan as they navigate the process.


  • Lead generation to find and engage with aspiring business owners
  • Conduct discovery calls with candidates to learn their "why," and identify the specific industries and types of businesses that would fit them best.
  • Prequalify candidates to ensure they are viable candidates based on various factors
  • Perform research within our inventory of 800+ franchises across 40 industries to identify brands that are the best fit for your candidates, their preferences, and their financial goals.
  • Conduct brand presentation meetings with your candidates to present the franchise options best suited for them and identify one or more brands to introduce them to and begin due-diligence with.
  • Coach your candidates through several steps with the franchisors from introduction to award day.
  • Connect your candidates with our team of legal and funding experts as needed.
  • Do all of the above in strict compliance with Federal Trade Commission requirements and the Quantum Franchise Group statement of business ethics.

Ideal Candidates:

  • Real estate brokers and agents
  • Investment brokers and agents
  • Mortgage brokers and agents
  • Current franchise owners
  • Business coaches and consultants
  • Anyone with a professional demeanor, relational business style, and consultative sales approach

Note: This is a 100% commission independent contractor opportunity. Average commission per franchise signing is $14,000 to $16,000. Average number of signings achieved annually by franchise development professionals in our association is 15.

Candidates selected to join the Quantum Franchise Group team of agents must complete training provided by the Franchise Training Institute. Cost of training: $5,600.

Your training package includes 5 weeks of comprehensive training with four of those weeks being completed in live and recorded online sessions, and one week of live classroom training in Orlando, FL, access to the FLS inventory of 800+ franchise companies, proprietary CRM, and weekly success coaching.

Join Our Team As an Appointment Scheduler; Part-Time

In less than a year Quantum Franchise Group has grown into an organization with a headquarters in Michigan and seven regional offices and consultants around the United States. We expect to double in size in the next year. With this growth has come a significant number of potential clients seeking our help to become franchise owners.

What You'll Do:

As an appointment scheduler with Quantum Franchise Group you'll reach out to our leads (potential clients) via phone call and text to get them scheduled on our calendar for a brief introductory call.


  • Download your list of leads each day from our shared drive and coordinate your calls and scripts (written for you).
  • Call each lead, introduce yourself, remind them about their interest in one of our opportunities, and invite them to schedule an introductory call. Send a text message with the same invitation to leads you are unable to have a conversation with.
  • Schedule each candidate who agrees to a call on our booking calendar.

Ideal Candidates:

  • Experienced appointment schedulers
  • Experienced telesales representatives
  • Experienced telephone customer service representatives
  • Ideal for stay-at-home parents and retirees


You will be compensated in two ways.

  • A flat fee for each call booked with 50% paid for the booking, and 50% paid after the introductory call has been successfully completed.
  • You will be paid a $1,000 commission for every booked call that results in the signing of a franchise agreement with the candidate becoming a franchise owner.