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Let's Work Together To Facilitate New Business Openings In Your City

Quantum Franchise Group is partnering with Chambers of Commerce and Economic Development organizations around the United States to stimulate small business growth, filling gaps in commerce, creating jobs, and driving economic growth.

We'd like to share with you a partnership concept designed around one goal, to help men, women, and families in your community open new businesses to fill existing gaps in product and service offerings and make their own dreams of business ownership and generational wealth a reality while creating jobs and contributing to the local economy.

All of the work we do is at no cost to aspiring business owners, your organization, or your community. In fact, we’ll share with you how with every new business opening facilitated through our partnership, Quantum Franchise Group will make significant financial contributions to your community with the recipients of those contributions to be determined by you, our partner organization.

How It Works

Our project will be built around a free educational event in your community, which we will coordinate together, to bring together local aspiring business owners to learn about franchising and hear from executives at selected franchise companies.

You will secure the venue and promote the event. When an agreed upon RSVP count has been reached, our team will travel in at our expense to lead the event.

Post-event we will begin working with interested, qualified candidates at no cost to qualify them, help them conduct careful due diligence, and be awarded their franchise.

Creating Many Mutual Wins Together

Creating Many Mutual Wins Together

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Our desire is to create multiple mutual wins to benefit local families, the community, your organization, and the franchises eager to expand to new markets.

Driven by this desire, Quantum Franchise Group will provide a monetary gift back to the community for each franchise grand opening that occurs as a result of our work together.

You, our partner organization, will determine how that gift will be used. The decision is yours, but here are some ideas to consider.

• Fund marketing initiatives for the new franchisee.

• Fund your organization.

• Student scholarships.

• Fund local humanitarian organizations.

Ready to Learn More?

If this partnership sounds interesting, like something your community badly needs, we'd love to have a call with you to share all of the details about the program and how we can bring it to your city. Complete the form and receive a PDF explaining the program. We'll reach out to schedule a call.

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